Monday, November 08, 2010

Shalani's in Wowowillieng Willie?!?!?!

I don't know what's gotten into Shalani Soledad's mind that she suddenly entered the wonderful world of show business. Now, she's one of Willie's co-hosts in the early evening variety show Willieng Willie. I can't understand why, a few days after her mom shows up in the talk show Paparazzi crying her heart out, she suddenly shows up in Willie's new show. If a person commits a crime, the first thing that you ask is what is the motive? :) What could be the motive for Shalani's surprise entry into show business?

My apologies for telling this, but, Shalani needs tons of improvement. She's better off hosting a cooking show or a public service talk show like Damayan or Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko. I'm not saying that these shows suck with their hosts, but Shalani's demeanor and manner of hosting is very calm, very relaxing. A show like Willieng Willie requires much energy and enthusiasm. Right now, she's miles away from being comfortably excited and enthusiastic. Probably it's because of stage fright or something, but something just isn't right...

She should have just stuck into politics and public service. Or if she really wanted to enter into the world of hosting, she should have chosen to host a public service program like "Ako Mismo," alongside Christ Tiu.

Well, there's still time. While Willieng Willie is not yet a major hit, she could either brush up on her hosting or she could reconsider the simpler life of not being in the limelight.

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