Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Philam Lifer for Life. :)

Ten things I'm going to miss as a Philam Lifer:

10. Beautiful free concerts with the country's best choral groups every first week of December
9. Flurry of calls coming from agents and clients asking about features of a product
8. Logging in in the morning. Logging out during lunch. Logging in in the afternoon. Ooops, I missed! Override!
7. Endorsement that comes with a free tumbler!
6. Hosting jobs!!! I felt very much like a pro! Thanks for the confidence boost!
5. Dell's! no matter how they change the name of the menu, it feels and tastes quite the same. :)
4. Mang Ben and his famous fruit stand
3. The long lines in the ATM machine during paydays. Just when you think it's your turn, OFFLINE!
2. Running along Roxas Boulevard's Baywalk
1. My brothers and sisters in this happy family called Philam Life...

Once a Philam Lifer, always a Philam Lifer. If given a chance, I will surely come back.


Anonymous said...

ayun oh!

ANNANymous said...

ayun oh!

nnuj otniuq said...

me bowling dw this yr. team mate tyo ulit ha!

Jurb said...

Oo ba! :) Basta libre ticket pabalik ng Pinas hehehe