Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roger and Friends - They surely know how to have fun!

My brother and his good pal Paulo a.k.a. Raker and Roger and their group of teenage hilarious undergraduates are into the youtube entertainment industry! If you want a plain doze of endorphins in your system, don't hesitate to add these youthful comedic amateurs in your profile. Just wait till they get their groove and will soon be one with the likes of Moymoy Palaboy and Kuya Jobert!

Ika nga, "Kung san ka masaya, teh. Supurtahan taka." Kaya Supurtahan ko itong kapatid ko at ang tropang Roger and Friends.

Here's one of their funny antics. A spoof of Lucky Me's Nam-nam. Just by the sound of the soundtrack, it tells that you need very minimal action to spoof it. It is a spoof in itself.

Mabuhay Roger and Raker!

Subscribe at your own risk. The videos are habit-forming. :)


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Yvette Ramirez said...

Hi! This is Yvette Ramirez, Program Researcher of Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho. We're currently doing a segment regarding individuals who used to post videos of them on Youtube for entertainment. I saw this video of Roger and Friends, imitating Lucky Me's commercial, may I request you to give me contact numbers of the persons in the video so I could reach them through phone calls for pre-interview? Thank you very much!!!
Here's my email address ---
you could also reach with this cp number-- 09274860812
Thanks! Please reply as soon as possible. Airing of this segment is on april 2, 2011...