Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is Here!

People from in and around Washington DC look forward to spring time, a season when flowers bloom the prettiest. One of the most talked about festivals in the US held during springtime is in DC: The Cherry Blossom festival.

The festival takes place from the last week of March up to the first week of April. This is when the cherry trees from the sides of the Potomac River, or what they call the Tidal Basin, bloom altogether, a beautiful sight to see for residents and tourists. The Cherry Blossom festival in DC is the closest thing to the original festival in Japan, from where the Cherry Blossom festival originated.

Since last week, the streets of DC near the Tidal Basin are clogged in traffic, people walk from faraway parking areas just to witness the cherry trees bloom. We went to the festival last weekend, and even if the trees have not fully bloomed yet, it was already a beautiful sight. I'll try to go back to when the cherry trees have fully bloomed to see how it looks like. :)

Here are some pictures: 
(taken using Canon Powershot A590is)

This year, spring time is already here, but the winter temperature hasn't left! Temperature dropped from a high of 70 degrees during the 3rd week of February to 35-40 degrees in the 2nd week of March. Just when you thought you're back to normal clothing after your annual spring cleaning, you'll then wake up to find out you need to dig up your thick jackets in order to see the cherries bloom! :)


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