Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 8 -- Glorious Comeback

It's both happy and sad to admit that my musical playlist preference is 20 years old. Yes, I dig 90's music. No, I don't dig 90's music, I adore 90's music. From danish pop, to hip-hop, to alternative, to Zack de la Rocha's rap metal.

On the Pinoy Pop/Rock side, I will go the distance with whoever challenges me to a debate on which decade is the more glorious for Pinoy Rock. The 90s, I believe provided the best songs, the brightest talents and the greatest opportunities for Pinoy bands.

The 90s has created and endured many talents in and out. The biggest perhaps is this State U bred foursome formerly (and will always be) known as the Eraserheads (Tech support help: what is a shortcut to invert the letter E?). Just how big is this band? With no statistical support, I am proud to say that no Filipino, and I say this with full conviction, not a single Filipino has not appreciated nor known a single song from this 90's phenomenal Fab Four . The Eheads (short name) became one of the most famous Pinoy bands in the history of Pinoy Rock, and their peak was right smack in the middle of the 1990s. Unfortunately they decided to cut ties and stop recording in early 2000s. My childhood was shattered. Yes I was exaggerating on this aspect.

Just recently (around 5 years ago), they decided to see each other again not to rebuild, but to reminisce the good old times via a Reunion Concert. The first try was cut short due to the lead singer, Ely Buendia's medical issues. When Ely recovered, they did the act again and finished what they started from a couple (maybe more) months back and called it their "Final Set." I was lucky to have witnessed that helluva show in 2008. I thought that, indeed, that will be their last performance together. They officially "finished" it by burning their symbolic piano (the one they used in the album Sticker Happy) during the final set. 

But lo and behold! The "Final Set"wasn't that final after all. They decided to do a "Final" world tour, bringing the fab four to places with high Filipino following like Dubai, the UK and the United States! And I thought maybe, yes. That was the last world tour. 

But lo and behold (again -- I just love using that catchphrase)! Last week, Esquire Philippines released the "Eraserheads" issue that has a CD that contains two recently-composed songs! Fans were so excited, they instantly emptied the newstands and I see my friends struggling to find copies despite a relatively higher than usual price for the magazine. Filipinos really know where to put money to where it's worth. :) This is a certified collector's issue! 

As for me, despite being thousands of miles away from home, I was lucky to be able to "smuggle" a copy from a magazine insider. ;) So happy to have received it today, I decided to make this my Photo of the Day for my 365-day challenge. :)

Mabuhay, Eraserheads! Salamat sa dalawang bagong kanta! 

Thanks for the early Christmas gift, Nangni! 

Glorious Comeback
14 September 2014

I am also attaching the music video to one of their 2 new tracks: Sabado. I so can relate to this song, both in its nostalgic melody as well as its profoundly simple message. :) Enjoy! 

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