Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 30 -- Pacers Bikeshare

While road trip officially started on October 5, I took my first shots the day after since all we did was drive the first day.

From New Jersey, we stopped over and spent the night in Columbus, OH. In morning the day after, We drove all the way to Chicago but stopped to have lunch in Indianapolis, IN. There I was able to take a few shots.

Indianapolis was a good quaint city which, from the flurry of bars, posters and merchandise shops, boasts its sports teams. From the Hoosiers, to the Colts, to the Pacers, you can really feel this city's love for its home teams.

Here's one example. Photo of the Day goes to Pacers Bikeshare.

Pacers Bikeshare
6 October 2014

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