Monday, October 27, 2014

Presidential Convoy

Traffic congestion is one of the many attractions DC has to offer. According to many websites, traffic in DC is one of the top 5 worst in America. But it's not just the volume of cars moving into the District that makes the traffic slow. One of the many reasons is, well, the police-escorted convoys. 

Heads of State and other VIPs frequent the Nation's Capital for various reasons, from attending multi-lateral meetings, to being guest speaker in lobby firms, to a State Dinner with the US President. As a matter of protocol, these dignitaries and leaders require protection. And that protection entails blocking roads within hundreds of feet radius from the convoy path. 

What makes one convoy extra special? It's when the President of the United States himself is passing by. I chanced upon one of these instances on this day as I was taking my afternoon work from my office to my wife's. Convoy passed by Connecticut Avenue. People were huddled to the path, ready with their cameras and iphones. I myself obliged. 

Thus, POTD. 

Presidential Convoy
365-day challenge, Day 46
23 October, 2014

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