Saturday, January 31, 2015

Morini @ The Yards

We made an accidental food stop in Morini Osteria in The Yards, SE Washington DC. We initially intended to eat Asian at Kruba for lunch. I always trusted Yelp to yelp me out in deciding a restaurant to try out, but this time, it failed to tell me the right hours for Kruba. Yelp says it is open from noon on Sundays, but then when we arrived it said that they open at 4pm. Even their suppliers of bean sprouts consulted yelp about their store hours as when we came by their door, there was a big bag of bean sprouts waiting at the step. :) So we tried looking for other open restaurants around. We then saw Morini Osteria along the harbor.

What seemed like a frustrating first trip at The Yards turned out to be a happy gastronomic adventure thanks to Morini. They were offering Restaurant Week that day, but we decided to try the regular menu. We tried the appetizer meats and cheeses (they offered 3 for $17 so we tried the Speck, smoked proschiutto, sopresatta and one cheese). The Speck was gee-double-o-dee good!

Appetizer platter

I got the Crab and Sea Urchin Bucatini in marinara sauce. Bubbles got the cheese ravioli. Both were satisfyingly good in taste. The only thing is that their pasta portions are relatively smaller than those of other Italian restaurants. In my amateurishly objective opinion, I would rate Morini a four out of five stars. :) 

25 January 2015

It was good that we ended up in Morini Osteria. :) 

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