Friday, January 30, 2015

Washington Auto Show 2015

I took Juancho (and mom of course) to the Washington Auto Show 2015. This experience just reinforced his love for cars! As we were entering the Washington Convention Center, There were signs and banners of exhibitors featuring different car brands. From then, he never stopped naming each logo. Then he quickly shouted: "Daming cars!" From that point on, I figured he'll have one hell of a great time.

And as expected, when we reached the second floor exhibit, he never stopped mentioning the car brands. He normally rides the stroller when we go out, but this time, despite the big venue, he didn't mind the long walks. He just cruised through the exhibits, naming each car logo along the way. He did test drive some of them too! And of course the photo ops. :)

To the little one, this could very well substitute for Disney World, at least for now.

The Driver

NASCAR Pacer from Toyota



Between two Audi's

Audi R8's behind

Audi - the first brand he loved


Nissan GT-R

Beetle Convertible


Washington Auto Show 2015
24 January 2015

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