Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Chasin' Tails: Seafood and Crawfish delish

We tried out this highly rated (via Yelp) and recommended (by peers) New Orleans crawfish place in Southwest Arlington, VA called Chasin' Tails (along Westmoreland St, near I-66).

Overall experience was great. Food was greasily great, as expected from a southern creole Louisiana bayou food restaurant. We tried a pound of shrimp, crawfish, and snow crabs in what the called the "Oh Dang!" sauce, which is a combination of garlic, lemon, butter and cajun sauces. We also tried their fresh oysters, fried calamari, jambalaya, cajun fries and beignets (which were free after I checked into the restaurant using Yelp).

This is a highly recommended restaurant if you are in to get your hands wet and wild with the juicy goodness of the sauce-drenched pounds of seafood. Or if your appetite is not up for such an experience you could still try their deep fried goodies like the beignets or calamari, or the creole traditional greats like the jambalaya or gumbo. We only tried few but from the looks of the other dishes I can say that they are equally good.

I would compare this restaurant to Washington DC's Hot N' Juicy Crawfish. There is some flavor that makes Hot N' Juicy a better choice, however, considering overall experience, like convenience, parking, space of restaurant, and price, I think that is where Chasin' Tails edges Hot N' Juicy.

In my not so experienced point of view, I would give Chasin' Tails 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. :)

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4 January 2015

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