Friday, January 09, 2015

First Snow of the Season 2015

Mother nature gave me white for my birthday. It was the first snow of winter 2015.

As the District has a track record of overestimating snow forecasts, this time it was somewhat underprepared to face the storm. Or maybe mother nature somehow played a trick on Washingtonians because they always made fun of an overestimated forecast.

This time, it was stronger than forecasted. While expected snow was between 1-3 inches, more than 3 inches fell this morning. This caused roads to get slippery, causing delays left and right.

It was a lesson for them that it is always better to be prepared for something that will not come rather than underprepare for something worse. It's a valuable lesson I learned from my days in the insurance industry. You need not expect to get sick to get health insurance, nor you need to expect to die soon to get life insurance. It is always much better to be overprepared.

Then, as expected, people blamed the government for underestimating the storm... :)

Snow Storm 2015
Day 121
6 January 2015

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