Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Weddings

I have already witnessed two weddings from my Development Studies block. The first of which was last November 11, 2006 , when our dear college barkada Cyrile tied the knot with Stefan Hamilton. This year, JJ was married to Val Hemedes on January 12. Both weddings were set in lovely Tagaytay City. It's just amazing how swift life is. At one moment you were squiggling at the back row waiting for the end of a boring 1 1/2-hour class. The next thing you know, you're hosting a friend's wedding! Or attending a reception at Antonio's! Sigh...

It's a bittersweet feeling to see them take the big plunge into the abyss called Marriage. At one point, I am also sad to know the fact that after the ceremonies, I will seldom see them again because they will definitey be busy building families of their own. And this is also a sign that we are getting older...

But of course, I am extremely happy that they both have found their fairy tale prince charming, their knight in shining armor, their King. I just pray that they will both last forever, fulfilling their promises before God during their ceremonies.

And I am truly grateful and honored to have been invited to witness both truly memorable milestones in both Cyrile and JJ's lives. Thanks, Cy and Stefan, and JJ and Val!

Congratulations to all of you and good luck!

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