Thursday, January 04, 2007


Again, thanks to my newly-found friend, my Kodak C310 (Thanks again, Babe!), I was able to take a shot at the sighting of one of the most important persons in my basketball career, Kuya Tong (Real name: Carlito Fiel. I just needed to write this down. hehehe). Sometime around 3 years ago, he migrated to Middle Earth, New Zealand. And last year, that is 2006, he went back to his hometown to celebrate, as he has mentioned over and over, the unique Filipino way of welcoming the New Year. He must have missed the Five Star, Trompillo, Fountain and Judas' Belt, only to find out that in his short New Zealand stay, the firecracker industry has evolved and produced new products such as Piccolo, Dragon Fireworks, and the famous (of infamous?!) BOGA... Nonetheless, we (our neighbors and I) had a great New Year's Eve time reminiscing the good ol' days when we practice the Sainatsi (So 'yo na tsinelas ko!) during basketball games at nearby courts from as early as 4pm till lights out (that is, 10pm).

Kuya Tong, welcome back. :) And bon voyage again for he shall be leaving on January 16th.

Basketball coach and mentor


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