Monday, January 22, 2007

The true Philippine Idol

The search is on!

'Tis the season once again for the much-awaited talent show in the Philippines! The National Elections Idol! Incidentally, it has been seen airing alongside the original talent reality show in America, American Idol! The only diference is that our very own National Elections Idol is hitting the late night news and taking the country by storm. This time, the Philippines is looking for the "best" and the "brightest" people that will take the juiciest national and local positions of the land. Who will make it to the final 12? Who will be the ultimate local elections survivor?

Gonnabes, or wannabes?!
This is the latest teaser of the American Idol's new season. Likewise, the National Elections Idol has its own shares of wannabes and gonnabes. As the Commission on Elections opened up the registration period for senatoriables, several John Does have come out in the offing to prove their worth. It kicked off with the submission of our very own "suki," the person who has been running for Senator since Imelda bought her first pair of shoes, no other than Atty. Oliver Lozano! After that, a bunch of other dudes, from self-proclaimed ex-rockstars to attorneys, doctors, cobradores, jai-alai players, jockeys, whatever!!! It pays to be a free nation, you know.

And of course, just like the American Idol, there are the bigtimers. The gonnabes. The people who COULD be the next national elections idol! These come from the ranks of the Legal, sometimes medical, up to as far as the entertainment and sports industries. As for these people, a lot of gossips and rumors have been circulating on who would try it out this season. And from the news of potential rosters, it does not sound very encouraging.

Go out and vote your next Idol!
Just like the American Idol, we're again approaching the season for popularity contests. At least, in the American Idol, the person voted at the top is the person most fit for the title... I just hope (yes, I feel there is still hope left) that the next national elections idol will not be as controversial and DISMAL as last season's results.

Vote wisely, people of the Philippines. For the love of God and country...

P.S. - For starters, PLEASE VOTE!!! Non-voters have no right to criticize... You ask yourselves why...

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