Monday, January 08, 2007

For Tiyo Maeng

Let me dedicate this entry to a dear Uncle (but doesn't look like it), old pal, and sparring partner everytime I go to my Lola's place in Navotas, Kuya Mike (now, I call him Tiyo Maeng).

Around 24 years ago, when I could barely walk, Tiyo Maeng used to be a meantime baby-sitter. And look how times have changed...

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Mighty Mike and his Kid Nephew

Kudos to his innate creativity, and artistic brilliance. Never stop dreaming!!


1 comment :

Myke said...

Wala bang mas gaganda pamng title ka na maiisip pa? At yun pic ko, should always be the goodside ang ipinapakita...magagalit sayo ang manager ko